Stand-up paddle boarding, and upcoming short story

So the whole ‘write and post regularly’ thing didn’t take. Whomp whomp. Have no fear, good readers, I hereby pledge to regularly update this blog!

I’m probably not going to keep this pledge, but it’s the thought that counts.

We begin today with a brag: I rock at stand-up paddle boarding. Really. I rock at it. A friend of mine invited me to come to the state park for a picnic and said she and a few others were going to bring their paddle boards. If I came, I would be welcome to try it out. I brought an offering of cookies (beer would probably have been better) and climbed aboard.

I went out on the water five or six times during the day. I did not fall in once. My abs feel crunched. My skin is glowing. I am good at paddle boarding.

Being good at something is rather a relief, because I spent a good chunk of the week feeling sad and pathetic and like I wasn’t good at anything. I am very glad I did not give in to my natural introvert tendencies and stay home. Getting out and doing something was necessary to break the habit of being what Mr. Money Mustache calls a complainypants. Now I have something I’m good at!

Getting out on the water and working my core is a relief for another reason: due to Reasons, I don’t run or do sit-ups. Far from the amazing abdominal muscles of my youth, my tummy is now flabbier than I would like. Now I have a way to fix that!

Those natural introverted tendencies I mentioned above? Sometimes it’s good to ignore them. I spent the day hanging out with a bunch of awesome, interesting ladies. Many of them liked to read, many of them worked at cool jobs, all of them were great to hang out with.

The point of my longer than intended brag is that getting out and doing something new was a great idea. One I recommend.

Alright. Bragging done. No more bragging about how great I am at stand-up paddle boarding.

Another short story is on its way! This one is set in Peru and stars Inti and Killa, the sun and moon. Also making an appearance are: Tamayori, the Japanese sea dragon; Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war; Al-Qaum, the Nabatean god of caravans, and Jengu, a Cameroonian river goddess (and my personal favorite character).

The Greenwood Writers’ Guild posted an excerpt on the blog. You can read it here and make plans to purchase it when it becomes available later this month!



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